Anja Langer translates signs of transience into current gestures. Her works often remain in process and reflect dialogue and participation of the viewer. This conditio enables observation and further learning. Langer's formal starting point is experimentation with painterly and craft techniques in order to wrest them from oblivion and to turn contemporary materials into formable image media. She transforms her material research into experimental painting, which can manifest itself as a installation or functional artwork. Thematically, she deals with diverse ways of passing traditions and their effects on cultural conditioning.

Behind the artist duo JESCHKELANGER are Marie Jeschke and Anja Langer. All of their works are created as paintings with and on glass. Being mostly functional artworks the material and production residues or production processes of others are brought into focus. In 2019, they founded their own company as artists with their material development BASIS RHO. In parallel, they negotiate their newly created artistic identity and their experiences as entrepreneurs in courses and publications.

solo exhibitions

w/ Jeschkelanger

Fragmented ID, Sharp Projects, Copenhagen
Golden Taste of Glass, Studio 4 Berlin, Berlin
Polymere Entspannung, Solo Showcase, Luzia, Berlin
Confetti But Forever, Direktorenhaus Museum for Art, Architecture and Design, Berlin
Washing Elements (constantly looping), Neues Kunsthaus, Ahrenshoop
#siostrzane_odbicie / #sister‘s_reflection, SIC! - BWA Museum, Wroclaw
empty_glass_05, Ca ‘Sagredo, Venice
empty_glass_04, bbk Atelierwohnung, Berlin
After Eight (midlife crisis grey chambers), Burg Klempenow, Klempenow
empty_glass_03, Le Wonder, Paris
empty_glass_02, Holzmarkt, Berlin
empty_glass_01, Studio Jeschkelanger, Berlin
Washing Elements, The Others, Turin
Contact Zone - airblob no bones, L‘etrangerè, London
Don‘t dance it down boys, Clovis XV, Brussels
Enrico - Autoaction in rehearsals, Display, Berlin

group exhibitions

w/ Jeschkelanger

Positions Berlin, Anahita contemporary
STILWERK @Kantgaragen, curated by Anahita contemporary, Kantgaragen Berlin
P.O.C., Brussels (collection/permanent exhibition)
Collectible, Brussels
S*HEROE S, Anahita contemporary, Berlin
Small Sculptures, Sharp Projects, Copenhagen
We Melt Before It Forms, Galerie Britta Rettberg, Munich
Avalanche, PAL Project, Paris
Material Matters, The Platte, Berlin
Edit No. 3 @ Vico San Domenico Maggiore, Naples
Startbahn, Genezarethkirche Neukölln, Berlin
Positions Berlin, Material Matters
New Traditions, curated by William Bagnoli for Adorno (online)
Edit No. 2 @ Vico San Domenico Maggiore, Naples
Anecdotes on Origin, A plus A gallery, Venice
Open art competition for public art, BMI expansion, Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, Berlin
Widerkunst, Holzmarkt, Berlin


w/ Jeschkelanger

Uncanny Entrepreneurship, hg. Hänsch. K, Nelke, L., Planitzer, M., Hamburg, Textem Verlag
AD MAGAZIN, Best of Germany, talent section
KUNSTASPEKTE, We Melt Before It Forms
ARTVIEWER, We Melt Before It Forms at Galerie Britta Rettberg
Handmade in Germany - Manufaktur 4.0, Deutscher Meisterrat (Hrsg.), Arnoldsche Verlag
STIRWORLD, Jeschkelanger on Basis Rho, a design material created from leftover glass
AD MAGAZIN, Jeschkelanger schenkt Glasresten von Olafur Eliasson & Co. ein zweites Leben
SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, Von der Kunst zu leben
FAD, interview with JESCHKELANGER & Hayk Seirig for empty_glass_05
MAGAZYN SZUM, #siostrzane_odbicie
TAGESSPIEGEL, Kunst als Geschäftsidee: Malen mit Glas